Classic Guitar at Conservatorio G. Verdi of Turin (concert player)

Musical Disciplines at Conservatorio G.Verdi of Turin (classic guitar)

Music Teaching at Conservatorio G Verdi of Turin

Popular Music at Conservatorio G. F. Ghedini of Cuneo (Pop and Rock)

Music Therapy at Serming of Torino


Social Services technician diploma

Academic bachelor in rock – blues and hard-rock/ heavy electric guitar at ‘Accademia Musicale Lizard’ (Fiesole)

Academic bachelor in movies and animation music at ‘Accademia Musicale Lizard’ (Fiesole)

Academic bachelor in Performance at ‘Accademia Musicale Lizard’ (Fiesole).


Software certification: Pro Tools

Software certification: Ableton Live 9 and 10

Software certification: Cubase 8.5

Software certification: Cubase 9

Software certification: Logic Pro 9 and 10

Sound engineering certification

Software certification: Musecore

S.P.M. (Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento musicale in Saluzzo) cetification in Organisation and management of primary and intermediate music schools

Certification: English Phonology for Singers at Black Swan (Torre Pellice)

Certification Trinity College London with Abigail McElheron at the Trinity College exam centre in Novara (Brera Musica dance and free arts) for the recognition and admission of candidates to the 2017/2018 exam sessions.


Scuola Media Nigra di Torino: update class on teaching, society and culture in Italy after twenty years of ‘epochal reforms. Among the disappearance of teaching, impoverishment of the teaching function and cultural decadence.What are the prospects.



Teacher as RGT (Registry of  Guitar Tutor) Great Britain/Malaysia (Singapore)

Teaching classes of University of West London RGT @LCM

Teaching classes of RockSchool RSL (Gran Bretagna)

Teaching classes of Trinity College London (Great Britain) and official member of Italian Trinity College

Teacher and principal of music school C.M.A. (Classic Modern Academy) in Turin

Teacher and examiner of St. Cecilia School of Music (Australia) -  BIMED exams certificator

Teaching ABRSM classes in London


Classic Guitar International Festival “Nova Camerata dei Bardi” Bardonecchia

Classic Guitar International Festival “Nova Camerata dei Bardi” Bardonecchia

Classic Guitar and Lute International Festival “Nova Camerata dei Bardi” Bardonecchia

Master’s in composition and arrangement, modern music education, turnist and sound technician at the Lizard Music Academy (Fiesole)



-     Audacity

-     Guitar Pro

-     Cake Walk

-     Garage Band

-     Stage Live

-     Fractal FX Ace

-     Band in a Box

-     Sibellius

-     Finale

-     Transcribe!


1st e 2nd Seminar “Ability Tecn – Help” Lingotto fiere, Torino

Conservatorio G. Verdi in Turin: classic guitar -  lecturer Maurizio Colonna

Conservatorio G. Verdi in Turin: Guitar repertoire of the 20th century- lecturer Oscar Ghiglia

Lizard Music Academy:

-     Acoustic guitar – lecturer Massimiliano Cona

-     Modern singing – lecturer Jackie Perkins

-     New guitar techniques for execution and effects– lecturers Miky Bianco and Tony Degruttola

-     Acoustic guitar in the different genres and musical styles – lecturer Giorgio Verderosa

-     Electric guitar– lecturer Batio Michael Angelo

-     Electric guitar– lecturer Neil Zaza

Dracma Records Torino: drums – lecturer Nicko Mcbrain (Iron Maiden)

Electric guitar– lecturer Guthrie Govan

Electric guitar– lecturer Marcelo (Europe)

Electric guitar– lecturer Steve Vai, at Lapsus Turin

Electric guitar– lecturer Kiko Loureiro (Angra – Megadeth), at Lapsus Turin

Electric guitar– lecturer Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big – Race X), at Magazzini Gilgamesh, Turin

RGT@LCM: music education fair at University of West London


London College of Music Examination


New LCME Popular Music Vocals Syllabus

Parents, Practice & Patience

Open Q&A session: LCME Chief Examiner in Music

The ISM: Legal Essentials

Making Music Accessible for All: Music & Dislexia

Creative Guitar

Teaching Composition: Step by Step

LCMS Teacher Membership

Ukulele: A Gateway to a Musical Life

Stave House: Music Grows Up With You

Practical Improvvisation: The Nuts & Bolts

Why Bother With Theory? (The relevance of teaching music Theory to popular performance musicians

Acoustic Guitar  Performance Workshop

Rhythm First, Notes Second

Online Teaching: Creating Engaging Content

The ISM: Legal Essentials and Setting Tuition Fees

Exibitors: LCM

-     Examinations

-     RGT at LCM

-     Dexibell Digital Pianos

-     Go Create Academy

-     Incorporated Society of Musicians

Performance Teaching Through a 21° Century Lens:

-     Question time: What Makes Effective Instrumental & Vocal Teaching?

-     The Teaching Studio

-     Techonology

-     Assessment

-     Business and Logistics





Competences to be avaluated in a musical performance

The ST-Cecilia evaluation protocol

Evaluation of instruments

Evaluation of the Ensemble

Pedagogical evaluation from kindergarten to secondary school

Actual competence (performance)

The para-musical elements to be considered in a holistic evaluation (the brochure / hall program, the presentation of the artist and the program to the audience, the stage presence ...)


Certification in Kodàly methodology I level